Friday, February 22, 2008

Idle Equipment: Switch It Off

Idle equipment is stealthily consuming electricity.

Inefficiency – Office equipment consumes 26% of an office building’s energy. Although most equipment has a low power mode when idle, this feature is often not activated. Studies have found that 40 to 50% of computers are left on continuously and most computers even when the user is in the office are mostly idle. Larger and higher resolution monitors utilize approximately 50% more energy per inch.

Opportunity – With power management activated, the annual impact for a single workstation is shown below for two typical scenarios.

Case 1: Left on continuously
Avoid a ton of C02 annually
Use 5 times less energy
Save $200

Case 2: Already switched off nights & weekends.
Avoid 300 pounds of CO2
Use 50% less energy
Save $15

  1. Activate power management feature.

  2. Avoid screen savers since they use as much energy as if the monitor was active.

  3. Turn-off equipment when not in use. Consider putting equipment on a power strip that is easily shut down since computers often draw power when “off”. Perform downloads when PC is normally available.

  4. Ensure that reboot program completes quickly, since users will keep the computer on to avoid long boot time.

  5. Pool high energy equipment such as printers.

  6. Consider energy cost of bigger screen and higher resolution when upgrading monitors. Consider laptops that use 65% less energy than desktops.

  7. Buy energy efficient equipment and replace equipment that are power hogs.



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