Girrbach Projects: Strategy and Change Management

Strategy  | Marketing and Positioning
Leveraging the classic work of Michael Porter and Al Ries, developed marketing strategies for

  • A small organic grocery chain that was later acquired by Whole Foods
  • A European medical device manufacturer and distributor wanting to penetrate US market
  • A high tech company seeking to expand into the retail segment
  • Several high tech companies expanding their retail product offerrings

Strategy | Green | Construction
    An executive at Clarum Homes was taking the sustainability course I offered through Stanford University. Clarum is an upscale green builder and pioneer of sustainable building practices. When reviewing their marketing materials I found that "passive homes" was weak. I made the case on why "passive" was a poor choice and recommendations to better position.                

      Strategy | Consolidation
      Expenses exceeded revenue at Jewish Family & Children’s Services: Parents Place. The Executive Director called in the Stanford Alumni Consulting Team to make the agency more sustainable.

      My role was to focus on reducing Parents Place operating costs. My recommendation --- that I then helped Parents Place implement --- was to consolidate functions and eliminate little used services. Parents Place is now able to serve more clients with a lower operating budget.

      Strategy | Debit cards
      As the first retailer to develop a debit card program, I was looking for creative ways to increase usage:
      • Recruited small local banks, credit unions and S&L to join the network and offered authentication and authorization services (pre-dated Interlink network). 
      • Defined a cashier program that incented them to encourage customers to use debit card and found that customers often first used cards at supermarket instead of bank’s ATM. 

      Change Management | Across Organizations | Green | Packaging
      My colleague alerted me to the unrelenting piles of packaging whenever our data center received equipment. This inspired me to contact the Chief Sustainability Officer for each of our IT equipment suppliers to find ways to work together to reduce excess packaging. 

      I learned that like-minded colleagues at our suppliers who were trying to make changes. They welcome the "voice of the customer" to spur projects that would enhance their company's green efforts.  

      Change Management | Bullying Prevention
      When working with Parents Place on their operations, I was impressed by their outstanding work in school bullying. I defined a PR strategy to educate the public and schools on bullying by leveraging traditional and social media. An example of the power of traditional media is an op-ed I wrote on school bullying that inspired the California Teachers Association to start a program to train teacher assistants in bullying prevention.

      Change Management | Green | Paper
      Paper is still used excessively. A paper reduction campaign is a great way to engage employees and yield carbon reduction. Here is my approach.                                          
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      Change Management | Green | Bottled Water
      When chatting with a sustainability leader at a large company, she shared the challenges of reducing bottled water. I put together a campaign for her.

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