Girrbach Projects: Product Development and Big Data

Product Development | e-commerce | Partner Portal
Rearchitected partner portal for major telecomm equipment provider. A complex authorization/authentication scheme considering geography, partner levels, and product categories was a critical part of the system.

Product Development | Agile | e-commerce | Franchise
Led team to develop a global portal and order management system to support Franchise sales. It was developed in three months and 50% faster to meet business critical dates using agile techniques.

The system has since been rolled out to more than 20 countries making franchise a critical component of Gap’s international growth strategy. Received “Exceed Award”.

Product Development | Agile | Forecasting
In partnership with IBM using R&D technology, led team to develop a forecasting system to reduce labor costs and improve service levels in nearly ten Distribution Centers. The learning from this “first-of-a-kind” technology project was documented for the IBM Systems Journal.

Product Development | Payment systems | Debit cards
Establish debit cards as popular payment option to reduce check losses, speed checkout and enhance the brand. The program was recognized by Time Magazine’s Annual 10 Best Technology Innovations. I was awarded Stanford Sloan Fellowship.

Product Development | Payment Systems | Electronic Benefits Transfer
Led team that collaborated with U.S. Department of Agriculture to develop an innovative use of smart card technology to reduce client fraud associated with food benefits. In addition, the new technology reduced client stigma by providing a discrete method to claim benefits at check-out.

Big Data | Auditing 
While reviewing data on direct store delivery providers, I noticed patterns that could be used to reduce auditing. Previously each delivery from third party vendors was manually received by line item. But most vendors were accurate and we were expending a great deal of effort on accurate deliveries. With the insights from "big data", the system was changed to focus on high risk deliveries. This reduced store labor costs and improved accuracy.

Big Data | Fraud Detection
When analyzing payment system fraud data, I noticed patterns through statistical analysis. One example is the “freeway effect”, where perpetrators would hit stores along the freeway in quick succession. Systems were updated to check card usage within a short time period.

Big Data | Pricing Algorithm
Grocery stores are notoriously competitive with low margins. As the "low price leader" in our region, we audited our competitors each week to ensure we remained the lowest price. But marking down throughout the region was unnecessary since competitors maintained different prices by neighborhood.  By shifting to a neighborhood pricing strategy, our revenue and margins improved.