Claudia Girrbach's Green Journey

My parents are immigrants. They instilled the value of hard work, thrift and a love of nature.

I wanted to contribute to improving air quality, reducing our dependence on fossil fuel, and restoring our environmental heritage. I realized that business could be a driver to greater sustainability.  To learn more I talked to leaders about how an enterprise can best start its sustainability journey or for those already active, how to reach the next level.

I learned that green practices are good for a business’s traditional bottom line and will reduce risk, cut costs and build brands. Just like the IT revolution and globalization, sustainability is a trend that all thriving businesses will eventually embrace.

To capture these insights, this blog was established. My goal was to share best practices, case studies and inspiring stories to help other companies grow green profitably. Since then nearly 100 in-depth case studies have been published.

My green expertise has made me sought out as a speaker which led me to develop a course for senior working professionals on how to select and deploy sustainability initiatives. I also created a change management course since getting people to embrace green (or anything new) is hard. The courses are offered by Stanford's Continuing Studies program.

My personal green activities are to take local vacations, drive less, plant a low water garden, hang out the clothes to dry, go to the farmer's market, and cook healthy.

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