3 Ways To Use IT to Go Green

Data. Connectivity. Usability. 
In the last 50 years, IT has continuously transformed organizations and industries:
  • Use data to improve decisions and manage complexity
  • Connect people and devices
  • Make technology easier to use and automatic by embedding in products and processes
Green IT is critical to achieving sustainable growth - a healthy balance that optimizes the needs of people, planet and profits. Green IT is the logical next step for IT. Let's explore 3 ways to use IT.

1. Maximize your current investments

Many IT shops have not leveraged the full environmental benefits of products already purchased. For example not fully deployed virtualization, PC hibernation or printer features.

Measuring IT's contribution will count toward your organization's carbon reduction plan. The details of the activities often provide compelling stories to share with stakeholders.

2. Green your IT Infrastructure 
Data centers, labs, and other IT equipment account for 2 to 3% of all energy used and is the fastest growing segment. In addition to energy savings, most organizations realize significant cost reductions and improved service.
3. Encourage Greener Behavior   

Provide apps and services to help business partners in their daily activities.  
    • Business Applications – A business process that wastes natural resources also wastes money. Enhancing efficiency of your supply chain, sales, logistics and other business processes can be both green and profitable.
    • Dematerialization – Transforming the physical world into the virtual is one other way that IT has helped to make the world greener. Virtualization reduces costs and provides exciting new services, whether paper to electronic, retail to e-commerce, or travel to telepresence.
    • Engagement – Harness enthusiasm to engage your colleagues and stakeholders to act now and going forward. Building personalized apps to engage employees, customers and stakeholders can build a community of delighted supporters for your organization. Move beyond metrics to personalized feedback that sustains the change
    • Manage Inputs – Adding a sustainability view will require that we manage the internet of things – devices and sensors --- and troll "big data" to uncover the best green opportunities.  

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