Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Green To Gold: The Next Chapter

The follow-up book to the highly acclaimed Green To Gold was recently published. The new book, The Green to Gold: Business Playbook, by Etsy and Simmons provides a detailed roadmap on how to deploy green in any organization.

The book starts with the benefits of green and the rationale for an eco-strategy. The book is then organized by functional area --- such as facilities, IT, design, procurement and marketing, These chapter provide detailed checklists and references to help managers deploy specific green inititiatives. The final chapters focus on change managemnt.

While reading the book, I was pleased to note that Etsy and Simmons had referenced the case study I had authored last year on packaging. My case study reviewed Cisco's efforts to reduce its packaging. Cisco saved an average $5 for each pound of packaging it reduced. The savings were achieved by cutting  packaging materials, handling and transportation costs. For helpful tips to reduce your packaging, read the original report on Cisco.

And for more great ideas, buy and use The Green to Gold Business Playbook.   


  1. Thanks for the informative post. I think the success of the material handling industry “going green” depends on how the idea can benefit the customer. There is no doubt there will be challenges, but in the end everyone will benefit.

  2. Mellifluous, but somewhat prosaic prose - Claudia Girrbach's blogs are equipped with an insatiable conviction for green enterprise, and it's this obvious dedication that endows her work with such a mutual thrill!