Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bright News About LED Lighting

More news about LED lighting that includes
  • A humorous video highlighting improved office productivity  
  • An introduction of a cool personal lighting device.
Video on the Debilitating Effects of Florescent Lights
The point of the video is to illustrate how the typical office worker toiling under the unnatural glare of florescents is less productive, The humorous video was produced by CREE Inc, a manufacturer of LED lighting. LED lighting is called "digital daylight" because it comes closest to natural daylight and hence is considered energizing. The shadowless light is also less fatiguing to eyes.

LED Torch Light
One other interesting use of LED is a personal lighting device designed by Tilen Sepic. Since LED lighting requires little energy and produces little heat, it is practical to package into a glove-like device. The bright, clear and shadowless light is ideal for hands-free task lighting. To learn more, read post at Tuvie, a website dedicated to upcoming technologies and designs.

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