Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Benefits of EV

Summary of benefits that an electric vehicle (EV) provides:
  • A great driving experience – Some would say better given the acceleration and quietness. Many consumers are surprised and delighted at the acceleration available with electric motor. 
  • 3 Times Less expensive to operate – An analysis completed by EcoWorld (see references) found that EV will cost 3.4 cents per mile (when electricity 10 cents per kwh), while a car costs 11 cents per mile (when gas costs $3.30 per gallon)
  • Zero emission vehicle during operation and net positive even if the electricity is generated by coal.  (As more renewable energy is used to generate electricity the emissions to charge will be reduced. Even so, the emissions from utilities to generate the electricity are less than emissions from fossil fueled car. Over time, there will be more renewable energy available.  In some areas, renewable is available immediately if the owner has a green source available directly or from the utility.   
  • Potentially a key contributor to a smart grid. In countries with more advanced renewable markets such as Denmark, the battery of EV car can be used to store electricity from wind sources that are more active at night and then harvested to support peak demand.  Better Place is piloting in Denmark.

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